What is Buma Kits?

After travelling the world and attending hundreds of music events, festivals and gatherings, we decided to create a line of quality must-have products that are basic necessities for any such life event. Our products are slick and stylish yet neutral to allow your personal self-expression.

We aim to bring an amazing frictionless user experience, by creating affordable designated products and unique festival survival kits for life events such as Burning Man with usability, quality and design as guidelines.

Our festival survival kits offer excellent value, design and genuinely useful functionality, whilst being light weight, portable and re-usable, regardless of how and when you use them.

Our values

  • Quality - uncompromising drive to quality perfection.

  • Aesthetics and Compatibility - holistic approach to product design and kit components compatibility.

  • Usability - every item has a designation and special purpose by itself and within the holistic kit.

  • Eco Friendly - we strive to use reusable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials in our kits and products

    Why buy our kits?

    • Curation - we do the legwork for you. We research, locate and curate the ultimate product for your life event.

    • Save Time & Money - stop trial and error. Get one checklist of all the items you need for your life events. Get the necessities in one beautiful kit. Save hours of searching. Our kits are better quality and more affordable than buying individual products.

    • Express Yourself - we designed our products in as neutral way as possible, to enable your unique self expression. We are strong believers in the minimalist approach of “Less is More” and our kits are the ultimate reflection of these values.